Bambos Papacharalambous – Novum International


Bambos Papacharalambous

Founder and CEO

Novum International

Novum International is active in the area of strategic information technology consulting. This is stated in their mission: “We help businesses be empowered by the right IT”. Their motto is: “Relentless innovation”.

When did you start the process of digital transformation in your company?

Having worked for over 25 years in IT, advising companies how to digitalise their operations, it was only natural for me to want to make my own company a fully digital enterprise. Digital transformation is a continuous process that enables an organisation to operate digitally from start to finish. […]


For what reasons did you decide to introduce a process of digital transformation?

Our continuous drive to become more efficient and more effective lead us to our own process of digital transformation.


Did you face problems during the implementation of the digital transformation? How did you handle these?

Because we are a small organisation we didn’t face problems such as a lack of time or fear of change.  We did, however, need to change the way we worked internally and how we involved our partners in this process.


Did you develop a new company strategy or did you adapt one that has already been successful?

Unavoidably, we arrived at a combination of the two. I would lean towards saying that our process of digital transformation was an adaptation of our existing, successful strategy, rather than a completely new strategy.


Which new technologies and tools are you using and why did you choose these?

Cloud computing has been fully integrated into our operations. E-procurement and e-invoicing are the tools we try to use the most.


What did you want to achieve by implementing this process of digital transformation? What are your future plans?

Our goal was to achieve a complete digital transformation and to establish a fully operating digital model.


What advice do you have for an organisation that is just starting or wants to start a process of digital transformation?  

Have clear goals and make sure that internal and external stakeholders are fully engaged. Also, make sure that you manage the stakeholder’s expectations in a proactive and continuous way.


What risks have you identified that have not yet been solved through the process of digitalisation?

Keeping records and maintaining and managing information is of critical importance, especially given the recent introduction of legislation such as the GDPR.